Taliesin (1925 and after), Spring Green, Wisconsin

“Taliesin” is the name of Wright’s home in Wisconsin, though the name is now applied to the whole valley, specifically to the holdings of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. The property came to Wright through his mother, Anna Lloyd Jones, whose family settled the valley during the Civil War.

Taliesin was built in 1911 for himself and Mamah Borthwick Cheney, with whom he had lived during his two-year stay in Europe. Prior to this, Wright had abandoned his wife and six children in Oak Park, scandalizing society in the process. In 1914, a servant set fire to the dining room, then killed Mamah, her two children, and several others as they tried to escape from the burning structure. Living quarters were destroyed, but were rebuilt. Another fire occurred in 1925, when the house was hit by lightning, and once again part of the building was destroyed. The house that exists today, Taliesin III, incorporates surviving portions of the earlier structures and became the home of Wright and his third wife, Olgivanna.

Location: Route 23, Spring Green, WI 53588
Tours available, May 1 – October 31. Photos of interior spaces are not permitted.

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