Anderton Court Shops (1952), Beverly Hills, California

This three-story group of shops in one building is located on fashionable Rodeo Drive in downtown Beverly Hills. Entrance to the shops is off an angular ramp that winds upwards, in parallelograms, around a central open wall. Four shops were envisioned with a penthouse apartment. Since its completion, the Anderton Court Center has been subdivided. Today the complex consists of six small shops; three on each side, each staggered a half-floor from one another and offset by the ramp. The fa├žade was originally light buff with oxidized-copper-color trim, but it is now painted white with black trim. The canopy and signage are later additions and are not consistent with Wright’s design.

Location: 332 North Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Shops are open during business hours. Visible from the street.

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